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*The race is not for the swift nor the battle for the strong, but the LORD that showeth MERCY..*_
I must say that i am short of words, don't really know where to actually start my appreciation from, but looking back through the race, immediately afterwards, the sacrifice of TIME, RESOURCE, Lectures,and everything i have had to forfeit for this vision. The Humiliations, extortions, Challenges, a lot of HURDLES from picking of form, to uncountable consultations to MAJOR TREKKINGS, i was mocked, amidst all contenders for the office i was the UNDERDOG, i was looked down on, judged, set-ups and Propagandas came for sure, BUT GOD ALWAYS MADE A WAY.
To my Opponent, SUNDAY FELIX CLETUS  i must say that Comrade you gave me a HARD TIME, i almost gave up so many time
i must say you are a Winner and a great man. There is more to what we can achieve together, let's shield our swords and Work together.
To my main man, Samuel Unoh Bassey, i want you to know that none of this would have been possible without YOU, u synergized your vision into mine for a greater good, #NAWEWE e go be..
To my men, Ekpayip Diligence, Etim Felix, Debua Godswill  who were ready TO DIE for my cause,,,Comr. Archibong Isaac( Welfare Elect), GUYZ YOU HAVE A SPECIAL PLACE IN MY HEART
To Great people like Mr Micheal Etan, Mr Effiong, Senator Boko, Senator Innocent,Messiah Family, i say words can't express my gratitude.
I was adopted by a large number of Department and Persons , it was really MY TIME.
To my Institute (NIOESA), Sons And Daughters of our prestigious Institute, various departmental Class Reps, my coursemate, and the likes of Distinguished  Senator Unyime,  Senator Eze Okoro Timothy,  Senator Diana-Abasi , who fought to protect my interest, am speechless
To all those who ENCOURAGED me at times i almost gave up, those whom i might not have mentioned names and all those who were on the field to see to my success,,, God Bless you for me
To my Hourable VP Elect *Comr. Eno Nora Thompson* who did not give up on supporting me,,, and my parents, i say i heart you 🧡💛
*To my loving *#Team SmithKely Offiong*, for all the campaign shouting, die hard loyalty to the VISION and the believe you all had in me even when people tagged us ''not organized'', i love you all... and i have been the departmental classrep, Elective Classrep, General classrep  and now, NIOESA President in the space of 2years, an Unprecedented feat, I must say i am a GRACED SON, *small boy with a BIG GOD*Thursday, the 3rd day of May 2018 marks the consolidation of sustainable development and opportunities in I. O. E
A very BIG THANK YOU to Malabites and Malabresses who gave me their mandate at the polls, and i pray that God grants me the Wisdom for #Impactful Leadership*
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