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[NEWS FEED] The Coward Called Godswill Akpabio

The Coward Called Godswill Akpabio By Fani-Kayode
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“Youremainthe fatherof the nation,our fatherandpolitical father to all. Just likei told Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu and Vice President Osinbanjo yesterday inNigeria…Those who think that theyhavepolitically grown toinsult you will all regret it before monthend sir. Iam here (London) to registermyundiluted love and unalloyedsupport to you.I wasinvolved inall their meetings andI knowwhattheir plans are. The longrecess of NASSis going tobe your advantage andnot theirslike they thoughtandplanned”- Senator Godswill Akpabio to President MuhammaduBuhari.
Those that do not have the courageof theirconvictions and that do nothave the guts to stand against tyrannywhen under fireare not worthy of being called men: theyare little better than beasts.
Thispiece waswritten by Femi Fani- Kayode. The viewsand opinionsexpressed here arethose of the author and do not necessarily reflectthe official policy orposition of 360Nobs.com.
The factthat the former Governor of AkwaIbom, Senator Godswill Akpabio, isa cowardand a traitor is nolonger indispute. The factthat hisbrazen treachery knowsno bounds is whatcanbest be described as “settled law”.
A leadermust be readyto sacrifice hisliberty andlife in defenceof truth, justiceand righteousness andhemust be prepared to defendhisnation, faith,peopleandloved ones no matterthe price hemay haveto pay.
Sadlysuch noble virtues andhigh standards are loston men like Akpabio. Tothem such mattersand sentimentsare like Greek or Latin: theycanneither understand theirmeaning or grasp their import.
They fail to appreciatethe fact that fear isnot avirtue but a vice. They refuse to acknowledge the factthat toblink the eye, bat the eyelid,surrender, compromise,buckle, capitulate and bendthe knee to the tyrant and hisminions inafutile and last minute attemptto preserve your life andliberty is utterly shameful.
Akpabio‘s desire todecamp tothe APCdue tohis trepidation and fear of the EFCC andBuhari’s regime is pitiful.If hehasdone nothing wrongthen whythe fear and whythe trepidation? Where is his faith inGod?
And if hehasdone something wrong, giventhe fact that hehas opposed them virulently for the last three years, does he honestly believe that the Buhari regime will notpunishhim byusing it against himif they manage toget back topowernextyear,no matterhow much hehelps them today?
If hebelievesthat then heis not half asintelligentas Ionce thought. Buhari is notaman of honor,heis notaworthy ally,he does notkeep to hispromises and hedoesnot have friends. The only friend hehasis hisinsatiable lust for powerwhich he feedson a daily basis.
Aside fromthat the following questions come to mind. Does Akpabio honestly see any good inBuhari andhis government?Is that whathe thinks that Nigeriansdeserveto suffer for the nextfew years and if so whatistheir crime?
Has heforgottenthe gratuitous insults that Buhari dishes outso lavishly onthe Nigerianpeople whenever hetravelsabroad and speaks to foreignleadersandthe foreignpress?
Has heforgottenabout allthose that the Buhari government have killed and allthose that have died and suffered inthe struggle against them?Does the shedding of innocent bloodby adesperate government meannothing to him?
Has heforgottenthe tearsof the tormented andpersecuted and the cries of the widows, orphans and the bereaved whose loved ones havebeen butchered by jihadists,religious fanatics, cow- lovers and ethnicsupremacists that Buhari hasprotected and encouraged over the last three years?
Has heforgottenthe anguishof those whose loved ones have been locked upindefinitely and those who have been demonised and subjectedto the most barbaric andinsidiousmedia witchuntsin the historyof our nation?
Has heforgottenthe practiceof double standards in the application of our laws?Hashe forgotten how the rogues in Buhari’s cabinet andgovernment and the governors inhis party are above the law andget away with blue murder?
Has heforgottenabout the slaughter of northern Christians, IPOB youthsandShiite Muslims?
Has heforgottenabout the genocide andethnic cleansingof the Fulani terrorists and herdsmen? Hasheforgotten about the attack against the Church andthe attempt to undermine andridicule Christendom?
Has heforgottenabout the censorship of the mediaandhow newspapers housesand radioand television stationsare warned against airingor publishing anti- government material?
Has heforgottenthe appalling way that membersof ourArmed Forces are beingtreated by the government andhow theyare massacred onthe front linesand givensecret mass burialsin secret graves withno honor or thanks?
Has heforgottenabout the brutal assault onthe judiciaryand judgesand the undermining of the ruleof law?Hasheforgotten about the relentless attacks on the legislature andthe humiliation of hiscolleagues at the National Assembly?
Has heforgottenabout the horrors andwickedness that members andleaders of the opposition PDPwere subjectedto over the last 3 years? Hashe forgotten about whatthe Government did to Mazi Nnamdi Kanu,SheikEl ZakZaky andCol. Ibrahim Dasuki?
Has heforgottenthe vitriolic terms andwords that theyused to describe PresidentGoodluck Jonathan,President Olusegun Obasanjo andevery single PDP leader andgovernment that held power between 1999and2015?
Has heforgottenthat Buhari considers himself tobe the third and finalMahdi of the north and that hehasnothing but contempt and disdain for those that come from the Middle Beltand the south andthose that do not share his religious faith?
Has heforgottenthe insults the Buhari government heaped on southerners, Middle Belters, Afenifere,Ohaeneze, the Niger Delta Elders, the Middle Belt Forum andevery single elder statesman andleader that has called for the restructuring of our country.
Has heforgottenabout the division,strife,disgrace, penury, corruption, poverty anddespair that theyhavesubjected the Nigerian peopleto over the last three years.
Has heforgottenwhatChristians have been subjectedto bythese demons fromhell? Has he forgotten their hatred for the Church? Hasheforgottenthe division,strife,turmoil, bloodshed, torment andhavoc that they have inflictedon ournation?
Has Akpabio forgotten about all these thingsor is that heisso tormented bythe fearof hisown shadow, the EFCC and Buhari’s ghost that he hascapitulated like a fatherlesspeasant that lacks nobility, class,dignity, self- respect,good-breeding andhonor?
On ageneralnote one is constrained to ask: whyare most Nigerian leaders plaguedwith such acowardly dispositionand servile spirit? Why do they compromise so often andwhydo they tremblebefore power?
If Akpabio had issues with PDP that isfair enough. Weall have issues withthe party invarying degrees.
Yet if hefelt constrainedto leave why can’t hejoin anyof the other numerous opposition parties? Why doeshehaveto sell his soulto the devil andentera Faustianpact withBuhari and the APC.
Why shouldhejoin the birds of prey to feed on the blood, flesh and guts of the Nigerian people?
The truthis that hehasbetrayed his peopleandjoined forces with those that seektoenslave them simply in an attempt tosecure freedom andgoodwill for himself.
Is that whatleaders are meantto do?Are theymeanttogive into their most morbidandirrational fears and collaboratewiththose that seektodestroy their nation, their peopleandtheir future?
Akpabio reminds meof the old African chiefs andtraditional rulers that sold theirown people into slaveryto the white slave dealers inreturn for tiny crumbs and protection.
He remindsmeof the black slaves that fought on the sideof the southernsecessionistforces in the Americancivil warwho attempted topreserve the institution of slavery.
He remindsmeof the inglorious Scottish clans that turned their backs onScotland’s heroic Bonny Prince Charlieand instead betrayed theirpeopleandfought on the sideof the English oppressors to oppose Scottish emancipation andliberation.
He remindsmeof everythingthat is unpleasant,servile,weak, ugly, uncouth,cowardly and dishonorable.
The factof the mattee is that Akpabio deserves to be pitied.Heis moreworthy of pathos than wrath because,like Judas Iscariot andthose that betrayed andcrucified Our Lord and SaviourJesus Christ, he “knows not whathedoes”.
Shakespeare wrotethat “a coward diesathousandtimes before hisdeath, but the valiant taste of death but once.”
Soyinka wrotethat “theman died in himwho remained silentbefore tyranny”.
Akpabio has diedathousand deaths andthe man hasdiedin him.
Courage,riskandsacrifice are the fuel andengine room of the struggle for liberation. I would rather live asafreeman for one day than liveathousand years as a cowardandaslave.
May God guidemyfriend and brother Godswill Akpabio and may He open his eyes andcausehim to appreciatethe follyof his own actions andthe very grave consequences of the monumental mistake heis about tomake.
May He remind him that the forces of darknesshavenothing to offer but death, sorrow, shame and destruction.
May He remind him that no matterhow dark the night, joy comes inthe morning for those who have faith,who trustin the Lord andwho standfirm till the end.
May He remind him that those that joined AdolfHitler, evenin his last days,

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